Offering Holacracy Services

Anyone can freely use Holacracy® for their organization. However if you would like to offer services to help other organizations adopt Holacracy, you will need to join one of HolacracyOne's licensing programs. Our current licensing model includes two licensing programs:

Agent Program

The Agent Program is intended for individuals interested in delivering Holacracy workshops or services. It allows you to deliver public Holacracy introductory workshops and private introductory sessions to organizations from your network. You need to be at least a Certified Holacracy Practitioner to qualify for the Agent Program, and from then on, the program scales with your Holacracy certification — the higher your Holacracy certification, the more services you can deliver — up to full Holacracy implementations.

However, the Agent Program doesn’t allow someone to market their Holacracy services publicly other than the public introductory workshops. Becoming a public representative of the Holacracy brand requires joining the Provider Program.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals interested in delivering Holacracy services on a casual/part-time basis
  • Individuals interested in growing their Holacracy offerings up to full implementations in client companies
  • Individuals interested in later joining the Provider program.

Provider Program

The Provider Program is intended for organizations with proven records delivering Holacracy implementations, and which are now interested in publicly marketing Holacracy services and delivering on regular Holacracy adoptions. Licensed Providers are true representatives of the Holacracy brand, and as such HolacracyOne expects more from licensed Providers than Agents.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals & organizations with experience delivering Holacracy adoptions to client organizations as part of the Agent Program, and interested in marketing these services publicly.

Where to start?

A typical licensing path involves going through the Agent Program as a first step before joining the Provider Program. If you're new to Holacracy, you are not going to qualify for any of these programs quite yet. You need to be at least a Certified Holacracy Practitioner to qualify for the licensing program.

Review a detailed summary of the licensing program below. Then if you qualify and are interested in any of these programs, we want to hear from you — contact us!

Note that at this time, we do not offer any custom licensing program outside the Agent and Provider programs above.