Licensed Holacracy Providers

Below is a list of our Licensed Holacracy Providers. To learn more about how to become a Licensed Holacracy Provider, read more about our Licensing Program.


IGI Partners

IGI Partners imports Holacracy from the United States with the goal of expanding it in France and Europe. IGI Partners’ team puts its talents and competencies at the service of organizations that are looking for a new way of governance that is adapted to the 21st century. The purpose of IGI Partners is “Excellency in Holacracy” through state-of-the-art training, consulting and coaching in this managerial technology. We are continuously improving the practice of Holacracy through its application in our own structure.more

Telus Partners

TELUS Partner is a new breed of organisational coaching, consultancy and training company utilizing a real-world-tested social technology called Holacracy. Holacracy is for purposeful organization and radically changes how an organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how power is distributed. more

WonderWorks Consulting

WonderWorks Consulting. San Francisco, CA. WonderWorks is currently the first and only USA licensee and is made up of talented WonderWorkers that support conscious leaders and their organizations to love living and fulfilling their purpose. We feel it is our responsibility to introduce them to best business practices such as the Holacracy Operating System and Governance Structure, which support organizations to maximize their value and profit, and achieve their higher purpose.more