WonderWorks Consulting

WonderWorks Consulting. San Francisco, CA. WonderWorks is currently the first and only USA licensee and is made up of talented WonderWorkers that support conscious leaders and their organizations to love living and fulfilling their purpose. We feel it is our responsibility to introduce them to best business practices such as the Holacracy Operating System and Governance Structure, which support organizations to maximize their value and profit, and achieve their higher purpose.

Holacracy is a new evolutionary business operating and governance structure, which is designed to distribute the power from a single leader through out the organization. This approach to governance harnesses the collective talent and knowledge of each employee and unleashes a greater level of creativity, agility and engagement to respond to the emerging needs of the market place.

With effective systematized governance the question of who makes specific decision and who is accountable becomes crystal clear. Recurring issues have a place to be resolved in the weekly tactical and monthly governance meetings so instead of frustration and tensions building, issues are resolved to generate creative solutions. Another major benefit of implementing Holacracy is when the whole organization moves away from using an outdated “predict and control” planning model, and shifts into using a dynamic steering structured approach. Where each sensor (employee or partner) within the organization is able to respond to the ever-changing marketplace conditions and needs.

Implementing Holacracy will build your culture to be:

  • More strategically focused
  • Effective at creating a “trusted system” for each employee to continually prioritize their work based on the organizational purpose and current strategy
  • Transparent and sharing knowledge and projects in a practical software program
  • Supported by structured weekly tactical and monthly governance meetings
  • Clear about roles and accountabilities
  • Focused on performance and have clear visibility to reward teams and team members

You have the opportunity to experience Holacracy in action in a number of different formats such as:

  • Introductory Lunch and Learn events
  • Taster Days for your organization
  • Webinar events

Complimentary Holacracy Webinars discussing the following:

  • What is distributed leadership and why would I want to give up my power
  • How tactical meetings save time, unleashes creativity and reduces drama
  • How Holacracy governance increases employee engagement and productivity
  • Why shift from a Predict and Control to Dynamic Steering model

Other WonderWorks Services:

  • Holacracy® Implementation
  • Culture Development Initiatives: Culture Assessment and Custom Designed Employee Performance Reviews
  • Customized I.M.P.A.C.T Solutions™ Modules for Conscious CEO/President's and Their Leadership Team
  • Executive Coaching and Training Programs
  • Thought Leadership Public Speaking
  • Strategic Planning/ Retreats and Meeting Facilitation

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