Telus Partners

TELUS Partner is a new breed of organisational coaching, consultancy and training company utilizing a real-world-tested social technology called Holacracy. Holacracy is for purposeful organization and radically changes how an organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how power is distributed. 

TELUS Partners provides a fresh approach to organising the organisation around the work it does rather than the people who are in it. This allows for a totally transformative approach to organisational development, structure and culture. As well as paving the way to develop repeatable focus and dynamic process’s that streamline the organisation and allow it to get on with the work of completely dominating its market. 

The central tool that TELUS partners employs to bring this transformative change to organisations is Holacracy a new social technology for distribution power and authority in purpose driven organisation’s. In hand with this TELUS partners employs a number of other leading edge tools and frameworks to support the organisation in becoming what it need to be to be successful. 

Using a new generation of Organisational management tools and frameworks we help your organisation to get stuff done!! 

We take a broader approach to organisational development and target specific spaces within the organisations eco system to create an environment and structure to allow the organisation to continually evolve without the need of ongoing consulting and coaching. In short we help the organisation to grow up and get on with the business it knows best. 

TELUS Partners are expert practitioners in: 
Making a Difference 
Tribal Space 
GTD (Getting things Done) 
Organisational Coaching 
1-on-1 Executive Coaching 
Speaking Engagements