IGI Partners

IGI Partners imports Holacracy from the United States with the goal of expanding it in France and Europe. IGI Partners’ team puts its talents and competencies at the service of organizations that are looking for a new way of governance that is adapted to the 21st century. The purpose of IGI Partners is “Excellency in Holacracy” through state-of-the-art training, consulting and coaching in this managerial technology. We are continuously improving the practice of Holacracy through its application in our own structure.

Lack of performance, transparency and responsiveness, power games, waste of time, tense meeting, stress, uneasiness, disengagement from the employees: how come these lingering difficulties encountered by organizations are always the same while numerous managerial techniques have been developed these past few years?

To this question, IGI Partners brings an innovative answer: the structure of the companies must evolve by setting up a modern way of governance that enables the development of skills necessary to face present-day issues: agility, resiliency, transparency, collective intelligence and assigned leadership. 

“By using an IT analogy, implementing Holacracy as a new mode of governance is to change the ‘operating system’ of the company so that it can perform better and assimilate even more complexities by engaging the responsibilities of the collaborators and in respecting their integrity.” Bernard Marie Chiquet, IGI Partners' Founder.


For all organizations seeking to:

  • Optimize function
  • Increase agility
  • Learn how to transform tensions into organizational evolution