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Partners, not Employees

If you'd like to explore joining HolacracyOne, here's the first thing you should know: We have no employees.  None.  Zero.  We have a partnership-based structure, like a law firm or some consulting firms, except here everyone's a partner.  That's not just a fancy title for employees, it is a legal reality - we get K-1 statements, not W-2's; we get the responsibilities and freedoms of being a legal partner running a firm, without the state-enforced rules and protections of employees.

Holacracy's distributed authority system is baked right into our bylaws - there are no CEO's or bosses, just you and your other partners, all filling various roles and participating in the firm's governance and operations.  However, our partnership agreements give us a duty of stewardship to HolacracyOne's purpose, so we're not allowed to use the entity just to meet our own needs and desires.  Like a village raising a child, each partner accepts a duty to help raise HolacracyOne to best express its gifts in the world and follow its own purpose in life.

Another thing you may want to know: this village is virtual. We have no physical offices, and our partners live all over the map. We typically gather once every other month for ten days of fairly intense face-to-face work time (usually near Philadelphia), and the rest of the time we're working in home offices and connecting via video conferencing and other electronic means.

Interested in exploring partnership in HolacracyOne further?  If so, here's where to start:

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Whatever that means to you.  There are a lot of diapers to change, and it helps to know if you like the child before you sign up for that.  Explore our website and other resources to learn more about Holacracy and HolacracyOne.  Here are some links to get you started:
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See if this tribe is right for you, and if there's work you can help with.  Check us out on the web, on social media, and reach out to introduce yourself.  Then check out the roles we fill and see where you might fit - and don't worry about pitching yourself for someone's role, we've got plenty to go around.  Here's how to find us and our roles:
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