HolacracyOne Partners

The following individuals are partners of HolacracyOne:

Alexia Bowers



Alexia Bowers is a seasoned project manager and project executor, with a 15-year history of serving entrepreneurs as their trusted “number two” – the person who takes their visions and drives them to action. She has a broad base of experience in a variety of roles, spanning technology, marketing, operations, graphic design, and general management.  She excels at structuring chaos around a vision and routinely adapts to new areas, with a focus on maturing them up until her talents are no longer needed.  She joined HolacracyOne at its inception to help spread Holacracy, a novel approach to organization that’s rapidly expanding around the world. Her academic background includes four years of teaching undergraduate-level courses, and significant lab work as a Neuroscientist and Ph.D. student. See Roles & Accountabilities

Olivier Compagne



Olivier is specialized in developmental psychology, Integral philosophy and web technologies. He joined HolacracyOne with a background in human sciences developed in France and the US. Fascinated by how to best improve group collaboration, he studied various conflict-resolution practices from Non-Violent Communication to mediation. Olivier immediately recognized in Holacracy a mature "social technology" with a potential to address most of today's tensions in organizations, while at the same time improving organizational effectiveness. He currently works with HolacracyOne in a variety of roles, bringing most of his energy into sharing the beauty of Holacracy with the world. See Roles & Accountabilities

Chris Cowan



Chris is an accomplished consultant and leadership development expert. He joined HolacracyOne after seeing the limits of many traditional leadership development approaches that failed to address underlying organizational norms and power structures. Chris sees Holacracy as a practical tool for clarifying decision-making authority, which dramatically reduces politics while allowing individual creative expression. He has worked with a wide variety of commercial, non-profit, and governmental clients on their manager training programs and has taught graduate courses in leadership at Harvard University and Georgetown University. Chris has a Masters in Divinity from Harvard Divinity School and a doctorate in Human and Organizational Learning from the George Washington University. See Roles & Accountabilities

Rashid Gilanpour



Rashid has spent most of the last decade involved in production, organization, and community development projects in social justice and environmental activism. Through this work he was attracted to Holacracy because of its clear and structured processes to move organizations towards their purpose.  He is a self-taught generalist who has notable skills in web development, conference production, graphic design, video production, marketing and systems design to name a few. He is passionate about collaborative technologies, regenerative design, whole systems thinking, and collective impact models.  When he joined HolacracyOne he sighed in relief for he knew as a generalist he could thrive in a Holocratic environment unlike traditional organizational structures. See Roles & Accountabilities

Eric Graham



Eric’s professional background is primarily in web/tech project management within agency, corporate, and non-profit settings. First hooked on Holacracy in 2006 while adopting it within a non-profit, Eric has been involved with the group in various ways since. His attraction to Holacracy shows up through a project manager’s appreciation for highly functional teams and role clarity, and a humanist’s belief in healthier, more effective ways of organizing and leveraging our collective wisdom. His interests are in psychology, spirituality, and Integral theory. He has a MA in Integral Psychology, is a long time Diamond Heart student, and currently training with Search Inside Yourself to teach mindfulness and emotional intelligence within organizations. See Roles & Accountabilities

Lewis Hoffman



Lewis Hoffman is an accomplished agile software engineer with 15 years experience building rich web applications and a decade practicing agile.  His track record includes an early web-based cms, a hybrid human-machine data integration engine, an innovative wiki implementation, and several years on Pivotal Tracker, a prominent agile software project management system.  Accompanying software expertise, Lewis has lived in various intentional communities for almost a decade and has an avid interest in communication and organizational practices.  Having experienced the transformative power of carefully chosen discipline and process within multiple domains, Lewis sees Holacracy as an evolutionary next step delivering even further reaching benefits to organizations.   See Roles & Accountabilities

Karilen Mays



Karilen is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant, and coach, most recently leading clients through Holacracy adoptions as a Holacracy Coach. Prior to joining HolacracyOne, highlights of her professional experience include completing a music degree from Oklahoma State University, supporting small consultancies as an individual contributor in Washington state, and operating a professional writing business. Her experience with polarity management and leadership practices inform both her internal work and as a trusted business advisor. Karilen's passion for health in life and in organizations helps her bring both a relational and practical focus to her work in HolacracyOne and coaching clients. See Roles & Accountabilities

Brian Robertson



Brian Robertson is a seasoned entrepreneur and organization builder, and a recovering CEO - a job he now helps free others from with Holacracy. Generally regarded as the primary developer of the system, Brian’s work allows leaders to release the reins of personal power and persuasion into a trustworthy and explicit governance process. Brian also serves as the drafter and steward of the Holacracy Constitution, which captures the system's unique "rules of the game" in concrete form. Beyond joyfully crafting legal documents, Brian's creative expression takes many forms – he co-founded HolacracyOne to support Holacracy’s growth, and he fills and loves a broad variety of the company’s roles. He's particularly grateful to hold no fancy titles and wield no special powers, so he can show up as just another partner doing his part to support something he cares about. See Roles & Accountabilities

Geoffrey Robichaux



Geoffrey Robichaux is a technology expert with 15 year of professional experience in companies ranging from non-profits to some of the most well known Silicon Valley enterprises. Geoffrey has officially or unofficially filled every position within an engineering organization and deeply understands the challenges engineering teams face on a daily basis. Geoffrey is a tinkerer and problem solver at heart, learning much of what he knows on his own through taking on big challenges and by surrounding himself with intelligent people. He is passionate about leadership and teaching others how to see from new perspectives. Geoffrey learned about Holacracy in early 2014 and believes that it has the potential to radically improve how business is conducted worldwide. Through his own time in traditional management, he believes that the challenge for businesses is in moving away from the predict and control mindset and shifting to a greater method of channeling the talents of the people for the purpose of the organization. Geoffrey decided to join HolacracyOne as he believes in the purpose and wants to contribute to the adoption of Holacracy through the software and hardware technology industries. See Roles & Accountabilities

Tom Thomison



Thomas Thomison is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 27 years of organizational and business experience. He has helped grow several startups and has founded four companies, one of which was sold in a public transaction. In addition to his direct business leadership, Tom has served as a board member and management consultant to small and medium sized businesses. Tom has also consulted to large public companies in the areas of audit readiness, compliance, business process improvement and enterprise technology management. He enjoys working with diverse groups; helping organizations and individuals see and work with barriers that may impede their way. Tom is currently a Partner at HolacracyOne, which he co-founded in 2007 to further develop Holacracy's organizational practices for a global market. See Roles & Accountabilities