Coach Certification Training (Amsterdam)

This 4.5-day advanced training is a deep dive into practicing and coaching Holacracy; it is the most in-depth Holacracy training available, and it's designed to evoke a visceral experience of Holacracy in action.


The Coach Training is reserved for people who have previously attended a Holacracy Practitioner Training, and earned our Certified Holacracy Practitioner credential. We can only consider exceptions to this pre-requisite for highly experienced Holacracy practitioners with at least a full year of daily Holacracy practice and regular Holacracy facilitation experience.

Contact us if you'd like to attend but don't meet this requirement or for more information about the assessment. Please allow ample time to pass the test to qualify for this training.

Learning Objectives

  • Spend several days immersed in an ongoing simulation - our deepest yet, way beyond just meetings; with plenty of time for coaching and debrief to experience Holacracy full at play.
  • Facilitate in a simulation deep enough that your colleagues will forget it’s a simulation – experience real tension at play, and hold the process which channels it into organizational evolution.
  • Help your simulated organization ruthlessly face reality and surface tensions, to see how a Holacracy-powered organization evolves over time to better “digest” incoming messages to express its purpose.
  • In a simulated organization full of activity, you'll feel the pull towards heroic leadership - practice relaxing into Holacracy instead, to release heroic holding into organizational capacity building.
  • Experience how every tension has a place to go to get processed into clarity; enhance your understanding of the many channels available for tension-processing, and when to use each of them.
  • Create clean, requisite organizational design by trusting in the Governance process; learn to distinguish cohesive output from products of predict-and-control or static mental mind sets.
  • After the simulation, explore common questions and push-backs that often arise when people are new to Holacracy - and practice coaching around them to ease the shock of implementation.
  • Practice conveying key aspects of the Holacracy practice and the 'why' behind them, and explore how to best weave those explanations into an implementation to support it without overwhelming those involved.

Cancellation Policy

Discounted registrations for this event are non-refundable. Regular price registrations are refundable less a 10% fee until 45 days before the event; cancellations after that point are non-refundable. Transferring a registration to an alternate event or transferring your registration to another person is subject to additional policies and may or may not be possible; please contact us for details. 

Travel Information

This training will be held at the Radisson Blu in Downtown Amsterdam. See sidebar for contact information. 

The Radisson Blu offers a special courtesy rate at  €179 per night to our participants, subject to availability.

Reservation details will be provided to those who register, as well as alternative lodging options.